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 "Mr. Cricket's Online Safety Statement and Policy"
Mr.Cricket has set Terms and Conditions agreed upon by every member when becoming a member at Mr. Cricket. Please read these 'Terms and Conditions' carefully, because they are there to safeguard us all. If a member tries to upload anything that is against our Terms and Conditions or engages in 'Cyber Bullying' or anything illegal at our website or messageboard, you have agreed to pay for all law suits or legal costs that may arise out of that activity happening, or that material being uploaded to our website. Remember, these activities are criminal offences and Mr. Cricket will forward your details to Net Alert and the Police.  
Report Cyber bullying to Mr. Cricket immediately. The nature of our website is very visual and we invite profiles and photos, however we want you as a young member to be aware, educated and internet safe. Please go to Net Alert and learn how to be internet safe. 
Our mission at Mr. Cricket is to build a world wide network of members from all walks of life. Be it: Test cricketers, Club cricketers, Indoor cricketers, Backyard or Beach cricketers and even French cricketers... who can share stories and encourage eachother, and at the same time promote the healthy lifestyle of cricket, from the "Backyard, Beach or Club".   
Our concern is for the wellbeing of our members online, especially our junior members. We have created a blog site for cricketers of all ages and  we want our members to have a lot of fun within the simple boundary of our website and not be subjected to anything that is unsafe. This includes offensive words and usernames. We have a photo quarrantine and an offensive word quarrantine system in place at Mr. Cricket and we ask members to alert us to anything unsafe at anytime.   
We sincerely believe that the best form of additional safety is for our members to educate themselves and take accountability and responsibility for their own safety online. We ask all our members to go to the Net Alert safety links at Mr. Cricket and learn how to be more internet safe and share the surveillance responsibility with us, by reporting any concerns you may have to us immediately. Speak up and we'll act immediately!
DANGER: Please do not go alone and meet anyone from our website. Under 16's show your parent/s what you are up to at Mr. Cricket. Always meet other teams or cricketers in a group. Check out their player profiles or blog before you reply to an email alert from a member. Your email address will remain private if a member sends you an email alert. It will only be seen if you choose to reply.       
We ask our members to take accountability and responsibility for their own safety with us at Mr. Cricket, because that is the best way to truly remain safe, not only at Mr. Cricket but in life as well. Unsafe people and material are at every level of life, as we see time and time again. Speak up if you see anything or anyone unsafe at Mr. Cricket. Alert us and we will act immediately.
We invite everyone world-wide to become a member at Mr. Cricket as an individual or as a cricket team. We also invite everyone to register a Backyard Cricket Team at Mr. Cricket and be a part of our world wide Backyard Cricket Competition. 
Safely Log On & Blog On.         
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